Magic Alert!! We are going on schedule!!

Greetings faithful and patient Mahou Shounen FIGHT! readers! We are very happy to be able to tell you that after some time of unreliable and infrequent updates, we are ready to go back on schedule!

For those of you who may not know, the line artist half of our team, JD has been working on a masters degree. For this year, JD has taken the spring and summer off of school to finish our big book with all its extra content and give us enough of a buffer that we can go back to being a regularly-updated web comic.

We held off on updating until now because we wanted to create a buffer enough to avoid going off schedule for a while. We now have ourselves a buffer that will allow us to do at least 2 months of regular updates! We’ll be getting on a friday schedule from here on and we are so VERY excited to be able to offer content on a frequent and reliable basis!!

Since JD got out of school, we’ve been able to have a flurry of progress on the comic, the merchandise from the Kickstarter and the extra content that’ll be included in the book.


Today we are having some fun over on tumblr for Valentine’s day! We’re taking requests for your favorite slash pairing and JD will be whipping up some sketches to celebrate shipping. Come over to the Ask Mahou Shounen tumblr to join in on the fun!