As promised, a week later! OUR FIRST TEAM ASSEMBLY!! Milestones, folks, milestones.

Things have certainly been busy over on our tumblrs between our Valentine’s Slash Celebration on our Ask Mahou Shounen blog and an incoming slew of guest art for the book over on the Scuttlebutt Ink tumblr! We are so excited and grateful for all of the wonderful things our friends have contributed to this project!

Wonderful news, we’ve received the final version of one of the posters that will be available to the Kickstarter backers!


This is brought to us by our wonderful friend Jayd, artist and creator of way too many beautiful things. Most notably, her comics Sfeer Theory and Fox Sister are just incredible and if for some unfathomable reason you’ve never read them, GET ON THAT.

Thank you SO much for making something so out of this world awesome for us, Jayd!!!

We’ll see you next Friday!