Hello again magical friends! It has been one exhausting week for us. We’re nearly through our first day at KawaiiKon in Hawaii, easily our favorite convention these days because the people are just so awesome out here. (Yep, you. You’re awesome. <3) But it was quite a lead up and a journey getting here and we’re just about recovered @_@There’s been a number of things that have been keeping us a bit behind on the progress on the book (mostly Dusty’s new job) and we’ll have an update on the specifics of that when Dusty has a few breaths to make a decent Kickstarter update.

In the meantime, the awesome news is that we’ve got the Teacup plush prototype!!! Check it out!

So SO many thanks to our wonderful friend Shari at GravityDoll.com for designing and prototyping the plush. She is the reason we will have a super quality toy for all you wonderful backers and readers~ We’re working with the manufacturer now to get these made so hopefully soon we’ll have an ETA for the plushes!

TeacupProto02 TeacupProto03 teacupproto1