Hello everyone! Hope the start of the holiday season has been treating everyone well. We’ve been dealing with the continuing adventure of real life but have been slogging through the dregs of our big Kickstarter book. It’s as challenging as ever given our recent circumstances but things have been getting a lot better for us lately. It’s amazing the difference it makes when one has a job and the ability to pay bills.

shounenfightfan_websizeWe’ve got our issue #5 about to go to print!!! Yes, we’ve got the Kickstarter book coming with five chapters and lots of extra content but as completionists ourselves, obviously we have to keep putting out single issues or the first 4 would be lonely. This here is the front cover. Check out that delicious cupcake.

We’ll be taking preorders for the new issue next week and as you know, we always include something special for readers who preorder. And this round we’re really excited about the incentive — because we’ve finally made a Shounen FIGHT! fan badge. You may have run into us on the road in the last ten years where we’ve been traveling to conventions to do artist alley. And our thing is fan badges: fun little pieces of art that can be worn around the con to show off your favorite loves. (You can see what they look like through our Storenvy.) And we’ve wanted for ages to make an MSF badge. And here it is! Next week when the preorder goes up, you’ll get this badge for free.

In the meantime, we’re on the road again this weekend! We are so excited to be going back to Austin again this year for the Webcomics Rampage event at Dragon’s Lair: an absolutely incredible comic shop. There are is an awesome number of webcomic guests this year, including our dear friends Alex Woolfson, creator of Artifice and Young Protectors and EK Weaver, creator of TJ and Amal. (Right now we’re at the airport hanging out with Alex and Dax Tran-Caffee, creator of Failing Sky waiting for our 5 hours delayed flight…) Check out the Dragon’s Lair web site for details about the event and if you’re in the Austin area or can make the trip, we hope we’ll see you there! They’ll be fun drawing panels and an after dark event with a panel of all the creators. It’s a super fun experience and we’re so glad to be coming back.

We have a small number of the new book #5, Drip Drip Drop at Dragon’s Lair (and you’ll get the badge if you pick it up there) and after the Webcomics Rampage, Dragons Lair will have the book in stock (though you won’t get the badge after we’re gone.)


We’ll be back next week with some new art and a new book! Thanks as always for your patience and support as we work through these hard times in hopes of giving you lots more Shounen FIGHT! in the future.