ch5_printcover_fullsizewebIT’S HERE!! We are officially taking preorders for the print version of Mahou Shounen FIGHT! issue #5: Drip Drip Drop. And there’s so many goodies!

The freebie you get for preordering on this round is something we’ve been wanting to make for quite a while… a Mahou Shounen FIGHT! fan badge!! We’ll be taking preorders for book 5 for TWO WEEKS and if you order in that time, you’ll get this shiny sparkly blinding new badge for free.

JD is doing a hand full of sketches for these books… ONLY TEN SKETCHES! You can add a bust sketch to your book by including the sketch item in your order.

We also have a bundle where you get all 5 issues, 4 glossy prints of the boy’s transformation sequences and the MSF! fan badge for $30.

PS – Are you in the Austin area? Dragon’s Lair Austin has all five books in stock! Thanks for picking them up ahead of time for Texans at Webcomics Rampage, guys!