If you don’t know what ‘Friend of Dorothy’ means, you should catch up on this very important slang on Wikipedia. 

I got the big news as I was working on this after an all nighter around 8 AM and my reaction was just pure shock. When we were younger we spent a lot of time and energy on activism and going to protests — we even flew out east to march in Washington DC. To be honest, I (Dusty), have grown pretty jaded about the subject over the years and really didn’t expect to see this happen for a very VERY long time. It still kind of feels like the whole internet/news system is going to burst out laughing any moment and go “JUST KIDDING! Oh man, world, you should have SEEN your faces!”

So… Congratulations! Congratulations to US, the creators of this comic and probably 90% of the people we know. And to our queer readers! And to the USA for finally joining the sensible countries on our planet prepared to step out of the dark ages.

Oz_special_p05_prevI wasn’t going to actually post this for a few more days but I had to get it out there as soon as possible after the good news.

THIS my friends is the front cover of this year’s San Diego Comic Con exclusive!

Unfortunately it’s not ALL Wizard of Oz themed throughout but it is pretty fun.

Those of you who have been reading the comic since the very beginning — if there’s any of you left — may recall that we originally started making it in black and white, using screentones. Halfway through chapter one, I started doing color instead and the comic was, obviously, never the same. So this year at SDCC we will have a limited number of copies which includes not only this MAGICAL OZ COVER (with inside cover printing) but also the first half of the comic as it was originally released, in black and white.

oz_backcover_previewThis cover got seriously carried away with itself. This is a book that I (Dusty) have been wanting to make as an exclusive for a VERY long time and we were trying to keep it simple… but when you love something, that’s hard. So JD went NUTS with my idea. And then I had to go nuts with it. There’s also back cover art.

We’ll have more info right around the corner about where to find us at AnimeExpo and San Diego Comic Con and further details about new MSF content.