Man June and July are brutal months for Scuttlebutt Ink. We’re down in So Cal, under the tender care of our friends as we plow through the big conventions. This year Anime Expo and SDCC are back to back so we’ve been doing our best to recover from AX in the two days we have — and tomorrow we’re on to San Diego.

Many thanks to those of you who stopped by the booth at AX to say hi and wish us a fond farewell to the fan art world! The amount of support and love we got at this con after 12 years of sharing the scene with you all was honestly overwhelming. In short: thanks for the memories, we love you all and we’ll be back next year with books!

It’s been a particularly frustrating and disappointing couple of weeks as we’ve been working with our book printer to get the books available for San Diego Comic Con. After some miscommunication and runaround, we’re sad to say that we are not going to be able to have the books at Comic Con. It’s upsetting to have to go through another SDCC without our book but the circumstances are out of our control. On the brighter side, we’re going to have them shortly after returning from the convention.

BTW, in case you haven’t heard, the digital version of Mahou Shounen FIGHT! Volume 1 IS available as a digital download now! You can get it on Amazon to read on your Kindle, iPad or other scifi future we live in device.

Better news is that even though we don’t have the plushes or books but we DO have ALL of the other merchandise with us! So if you pledged for anything else, you can come by and pick up your goodies. Our schedule at Prism Comics is listed above.

We DO also have a summer exclusive book that we’ll have at San Diego! This is pretty fun — we made an ‘Oz Edition’ of Chapter 1 which includes the black and white screentoned version that the comic started out with. We’ve done a limited, numbered run of 50 of these.

More GOOD news is that kissing charms from the Kickstarter project have come in and they are adorable! These are reversible so any pairing can fit together. We’ve also got a few other goodies and free stuff we’d like to give to our readers.

If you’re at SDCC we hope you’ll stop by so we can give you a hug, thank you for your readership and patience as we get back on our feet. Also we’ll tell you a little about the future of Mahou Shounen FIGHT!

Good luck collectors, cosplayers, ingenue (I finally used it in a sentence after 5 years) professionals and ambitious panel goers. SDCC has become a competition of line sitting and crowd navigating but most of the time it’s worth it. <3