Well hey there, it’s been awhile huh? Good news — we are currently working on chapter 6 of Mahou Shounen FIGHT!!!

Now, that doesn’t mean we’re about to start posting. We’re going to be doing things differently from now on. We won’t be posting any of chapter 6 until it is entirely done, ensuring that we never have an interruption in release schedule. We’re not ready to give an estimate on when it will be ready, but it’s fully scripted and in production!

In the meantime, we are launching a digital re-release of MSF! We have fallen in love with Webtoon, a unique platform for visual storytelling. They have a great system (especially the interface for mobile devices like phones and tablets) and SO many amazing comics. Some of our favorites are Yumi’s Cels, Lookism, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, Bluechair, As Per Usual, Saphie, Lunarbaboon, Melvina’s Therapy, Lumine… there’s SO much to choose from.

Starting now, beginning from chapter1, page 1, we’ll be adding Mahou Shounen FIGHT! to Webtoon twice a week. (Tuesday and Saturday) This will not be the exact same version as you see on this web site! The pages we’ll be posting will be the COMPLETED and fully touched up versions that were for our print book. There’s a lot of inconsistencies, mistakes, typos, unfinished pages, etc in the version that’s currently on here. When we sent it to print, it got way polished up! Additionally, the reposted pages are at a significantly higher resolution.

AND! We will be posting the extra content that was created specifically for the book! Until now, the extra comics and stories have only been in the print book and the digital e-book version on Amazon. Admittedly, it’ll be a while down the road since the extra content takes place after chapter 5 but it’ll be there for free!

After December 10th, our site will get a makeover and MSF! will no longer be available here. The Amazon version will also be removed, so Webtoon will be exclusively where it’ll be online. So, if you’re a new reader, this is the perfect time to read the whole series before the re-release! The print version will also remain available for purchase in our store during the re-release.

We’re super excited about getting on Webtoon! We have started the re-release, so please go check out our Webtoon page and subscribe for updates! Also, check out all the amazing digital comics!

More good news….

ALL of the goodies that we made with our Kickstarter are now available for immediate shipping through our Storenvy shop! That includes the 200+ page Mahou Shounen FIGHT! Volume 1, the Teacup plush, the kissing charms and the stickers.

We’ve also got some new original designs like JD’s Dungeons & Dragons inspired “Natural 1/20” prints and our Anxious Olly stickers and magnets. And there’s a few of the very last of our fan art prints and magnets.

Aaaand until 2018, we’re offering 10% off all orders. That means no matter what you get!

Another shout out to all of the Kickstarter backers who made all this MSF! stuff possible. PS, we have about half a dozen KS backers who never gave us their addresses so if you never got your backer rewards PLEASE message me!

Thanks for reading this whole message, wow. See you on Webtoon!