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  1. Jessie Johan
    Jessie Johan

    Hey guys I love the Comic more and more hope to see you at AX or ALA this coming year if I can make it to ALA keep up the comic and thanks for everything you do I really love your work!

  2. Carla

    Fantastic work you guys! I’m loving it!!!! Keep it up, I’m rootin for ya. =3

  3. Ezekielx

    Man im jealous of the guy with glass’s he’s got a green babe with him.

  4. Jessie Johan
    Jessie Johan

    Hey does this mean your gonna have print comics available at con now?

    • DustyJack

      Yep! We’ll be taking preorders for volume 1 very soon and once it’s out, we’ll be selling it at our booth. 🙂

  5. Psychic

    It’s a small world, indeed.

  6. Bilibin

    Why am I not surprised the stereotypical Japanese emo boy is Winter? Lemme guess:

    Raj = Autumn
    Oliver = Spring
    Stereotype = Winter
    Mike = Summer

    Now what the hell do they gotta fight?

  7. Cory

    haha, really? xD that was a bit too fast for me.

  8. Akiko


    • Valentin

      I like coming into a comic late, becuase;A) you get to read a bunch of pages without waiting for an updateandB) you get to watch through the pages and see how much the artist(s) have improvedI’m loving the comic! *bookmarked*

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