Hey again folks. Over here at ShounenFight.com, we’re taking a break to feature some guest art while we catch up on our commission work… In the meantime, we wanted to address something that’s been coming up a lot lately…

Over the last few weeks, we’ve gotten a lot of messages on the various places we whore ourselves out on the internet, asking if we’re going to be at specific conventions. Thank you guys all for your interest in having us come to your city, there’s really nothing more satisfying or flattering than knowing you want us there. 😀 And after some thought put into the subject, we’ve finally opted to put on our pride on the line to say it’s time for us to ask for your help.

Especially now that we’re about to put our first chapter of Shounen Fight to print, we are trying to do as many conventions as we can to get word out about the comic. Unfortunately, there’s some cons — even the bigger ones — that we can’t get in to. For instance, we’ve wanted to go to Sakura Con for ages but their artist alley sells out so quickly that we can’t get a booth after years of trying. Both Katsucon and AWA and a few others have restrictions on fan art that keep us from selling in their AA. Others are just plain off our radar, even though we would totally go to them if we knew of them! How can you help us out? Let us know if there’s a convention you’d like to see us at! we’re always looking for new cons to fit in to the schedule. But even beyond that, want to see us at the con? Send your favorite cons a quick note that you’d love to see us as a guest! Guest artists are usually helped with getting their booth in exchange for doing panels. A few years back, we made a trip out to Jacon in Florida to judge their masquerade under similar conditions. Most convention web sites have a page for contacts — if you have a minute, send a quick message to the coordinators that you’d be happy to see the folks from ScuttlebuttInk.com at the convention, simple as that.

Don’t have time for that or don’t go to cons, still wanna help us out? Take a few minutes to put up a link for us on your social network of choice. Friend us on Facebook and like something every now and then or toss us a favorite on DA. Blog a quick rec for ShounenFight.com or a little blurb about our badges at ScuttlebuttInk.com. The more readership we can get for the comic, the more likely we can make it to more conventions!

As far as what conventions we’ll be at, our updated schedule is at badges.ScuttlebuttInk.com (on the main page for now) and we’ve now got some working catalog and order form stuf up. For those of you who’ve been curious about our commissions, you can read the details on how we do these here: http://badges.scuttlebuttink.com/custom.php.

The truth is, we wouldn’t and couldn’t be doing any of this without you so maybe we shouldn’t be shy about asking for favors. The feedback we’ve been getting from our readers and watchers and customers at cons over the last few months has been incredible. The truth is, at heart we’re just a couple of attention whores who, like retard emotional vampires, subsisting on the laughter of others. It’s why we’ve been doing comedy and dance skits at cons for six years. It’s why we bother to go to the trouble of putting our stories out there, whether its fanfic or its our own. It’s why we do everything we do. So if nothing else, thanks for everything lately, guys and we hope we can keep you smiling.