Today’s art is brought to you by the letter K. Our buddy, Kagomechan did some lovely art of the cast for us. ūüėÄ We’ve been doing stuff with Kags for WAY too long — those of you who may know us from when we were more active in the cosplay circuit, she does the¬†choreography¬†for the skits we’ve done with GomuGomu no Cosplay and Sakura Mochi. This girl is crazy talented and super patient, even with me and my three left feet. You might also recognize Kags if you’ve come by our booth at a convention since we often are ¬†placed next to her and the girls with Bootleg Inc, doing their Wanted poster portraits. Or if you visited our house several years ago, you would have found her in one of the bedrooms since we were all room mates for nearly two years. XD

Check out Kagomechan’s art over at DA: Awesome stuff including an awesome abridged version of Twilight. Living proof that not everyone that reads the books takes it DANGEROUSLY SERIOUSLY. And next time you’re at a con, look for her and her awesome buttons in the artist alley!

We’re having a little hiatus and filling in with a couple more guest artists. We’ll be back on September 28th with the start of chapter 2 of Shounen Fight. I’m sure we’ll keep you busy with a few stupid, pointless blogs between now and then.