Fan Art

Spring by astelspirals

Mike and Yuki by emi

The boys + Sonya… genderbent :3 by kei

Autumn by melody

Summer/Mike (NSFW… but not NC-17) by misty

Summer and Mike Fusion design — This is WAY manlier than anything we’ve got in store but so awesome! 😀 by paradigm

Mike @ 18 — Another reader-made costume redesign by popenguin

Spring by kara

Mike and Summer by eightofspades

Mike by Mystic the Cat Ninja

The boys and the spirits by IntroducingEmy Check out her web comic, Trying Human!

Raji/Anjika by astelspirals

Summer for Dusty’s b-day! by beabravo

Sonya by astelspirals

Yuki by 1000th

Fan-made alter-ego for Anjika by Jamie

Alex and Yuki by MogoriSempai

Paper children of all the boys by Shard-chan

All four boys… roughed up by pilot-star Check out her comics, Honeydew Syndrome and Two Keys!

BAMF Oliver and Raji by Jadiekins

Yuki and Winter by feyuca

MLP Mike by shinyumbie

Raji and… Raji by Kat

AutumnxSummer by Kat 

Sailor Mike by Kendra Check out Kat and Kendra’s web comic SpaceJinx!

Fan made costume design for Yuki by miasaki666

Beat-up Yuki by 1000th

Yuki by vejicakes

Alex/Yuki by sw_inku

Oliver costume idea by MegamiJadeheart

Hot Flash! by MegamiJadeheart

Adorable Mike Chibi by anonymous (if you made this, contact us!!!)

Mike and Summer by anonymous (if you made this, contact us!!!)

Annie’s Sponge Cakes… FOR REAL! by jellyfosh

Doodles of EVERYONE! by lazy-spoon

Olly + Spring by sepiacoerulea



Yuki cosplay by Chas

Mike cosplay by shard-chan


Other Stuff

Raji doll made by i-am-t3h-w1n — Now resides in our living room! 😀 Thank you!!

Sonya music video!! by Ben

What MSF boy are you? Quiz from DukeLawliet, the winner of our button giveaway contest!

Shounen Fight Magnets — Not fan art PER SE since we commissioned these for ourselves. Check out the artist on DA! by gwydionae

Teacup Amigurumi – Another commission! This plushie of Teacup we had made by

Very special thanks to Thoreader for making us the icon of Summer’s symbol!


Thanks so much to you awesome people who have given us art!  Want to share some fanart? Just drop us an email!