Mike Smith

Mike is just an average sophmore striving to be that much more average. After a lifetime of herbal mudbaths and afternoon cleansing ‘shavasanas‘, Mike dreams of becoming an accountant and raising 2.5 children
. His most adventurous interest is in comic books, particularly the superhero Mantisman. Not that he would ever let that get in the way of his studies since getting into a good college is the most important thing!


More than happy to be the embodiment of the season of sunshine and beach parties, Summer prides himself on both his tenacity and his laid back attitude. He knows how to get a job done, but unlike Autumn, he does it without the same… fury. Now that he’s more or less made himself at home
in Mike’s body, his next goal seems to be convincing his host to loosen up and have a little fun.

Fujita Yuki

Yuki has been a student of  St. D’s since moving to the States when he was nine.  He lives in town with his father and little sister, and walks to school every day. A long-time member of the school’s archery club, Yuki is skilled enough to be captain, but prefers to let others lead. He tends to be difficult to read and slow to react to even extreme
circumstances. This emotional distance has made it difficult for Yuki to form many friendships.


A subtle spirit, Winter embodies all the qualities of a landscape blanketed
by snow: cold, quiet, beautiful. Unlike the others, Winter neither exhibits nor embraces any particular gender– male, female or otherwise. Though rarely offering much in the way of public conversation, Winter is a good listener and has already forged a connection with Yuki which both would likely describe as invaluable.
Raji Singh

Sophmore student council representative, model, playboy and all around slacker, Raji is in the top tier of popular students. If only he put as much attention into his studies as he did into getting the perfect curl
in his hair, perhaps he wouldn’t be struggling to keep his position on the council. Luckily, he can keep an eye on any potential uprising from the strategically located on-campus dorm room which he shares with Oliver.


As the self-declared leader of the seasonal spirits, Autumn takes his role in this whole endeavor very seriously. As such, the thread of his patience for Summer’s shenanigans is forever on the verge of snapping. Luckily for all involved, Spring has a knack for calming him down. Unfortunately, even she can’t ease his frustration at being stuck in the body of a young man who, in his mind, puts frivolities above responsibility.
Oliver Bunker Winston Churchill III Esq.

Though he’s only a freshman, Oliver has been attending St. D’s for most of his academic career, living on campus and traveling home to Britain
during holidays. Something of a genius when it comes to textiles, Oliver designed the current school uniform arrangements when he was in the third grade. His uncanny ability to guess a person’s measurements at a glance may have something to do with his popularity.


The quintessential “earth mother” as well as the “mother” of the group, Spring works tirelessly to keep her companions happy and in line. Cheerful and optimistic, always encouraging, she and Oliver hit it off from the start, though she doesn’t entirely approve of all of his hobbies. Though always ready with a smile, she has no trouble laying down the law as needed. Which, in this group, is pretty often.

Wisteria ‘Teri’ Smith

Teri’s three top priorities are her son’s happiness, recycling and crushing
her market competition like so many ants. Owner of Aromasana, maker of unique scented yoga mats, Teri decided to move her business’ headquarters to St. Didacus for its ocean views and world famous farmer’s markets. In her free time she enjoys gardening, glassblowing and taking joyrides in her hybrid SUV.

Sonya Bellefleur

With her naturally strawberry-blonde hair and her luminous purple
orbs, Sonya has been voted the official “Most Beautiful St. D Student Council Member” for 6 years running. Like 92% of those who see her from 200 yards or closer, Mike was instantly smitten. Unfortunately, Sonya’s most prized possession is her purity ring.

Joe Lachlan

The boys’ low-tech walkie talkie to the spirit world and the faculty advisor for the club that serves as their front, Joe is nothing if not supportive. He takes his duties as head of the PE department (and Kindergarten PE teacher) very seriously, but his office is always open to his students — usually with baked goods warm from the oven.

Anjika Kamal

Anjika may be the only person on the planet who can put up with Raji long enough to forge a long-lasting romantic bond. Friends since childhood, their connection is strong but not smothering. As an unofficial member of the team, Anjika has taken on the role of ‘The Brains‘ of the operation, but as a Junior (and a dedicated student), her tendency is to let Raji and the boys wear the funny clothes and do the legwork. Nonetheless, she is always available for Oliver when he needs a model for his mens’ wear collection.

Alex Jiang

Kind-hearted and popular among the Sophomore class, Alex is full of school spirit but unaware of the Environmental Awareness Club’s EXTRA-extracurricular activities. A classmate of Yuki’s, he wants to get to know Yuki better but is finding it difficult to get the guy to open up
. Still, Alex has never been the quitting kind — as evidenced by the four water-polo trophies his grandma proudly displays on her mantle.