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About Us

DustyJack (the mohawk) and JadePrince (the talent) have been a team for seven years now and though this is our first time making a serial comic together, we’ve done plenty in the past. We’ve been writing and drawing together for ages and for six years we’ve been traveling the country hawking ourselves like artist alley harlots.

We live outside of San Francisco, California with our two cats, Myst (the old bitch) and Taq (the upstart), dog, Oliver (he was adopted with that name), gecko, Trigger and bearded dragon, Ryu. We subsist on survival horror games like Bioshock and Silent Hill and dorky, off the wall series in Shounen Jump like One Piece, Reborn and Fairy Tail and regularly partake in rampant binges of nostalgia, like consuming all of Get Smart or Quantum Leap in one go.

We do hope that you’ll enjoy Shounen Fight, it’s a project that we’ve been planning for way too long. We’re children of the fledgling anime fandom, from a generation that was won over by series like Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura. Now that we’ve grown up into sarcastic tomboys, it’s hard not to poke fun at our glitter-encrusted roots.


1. There’s two of you, so who does what on the comic? We created the story together and before we put anything on paper, we talk about the direction we’re going to take it and lay down the main plot points we want to include in a chapter. Then we write a ‘novel’ style version of the chapter together. The novel versions will be available (for chapters after 2) once they’re completed. Dusty uses this to create a script and do rough thumbnails of each page to be used as story boards. JP develops these further and does both the pencil and the ink, then Dusty does the color and the typesetting.

2. Do you take commissions? Unfortunately our backlog for commissions grew so long that we’ve closed our commissions for quite a while. We may start taking them again in the future, but that’s at least six months out if not longer. :(

3. Will you be going to [insert convention here]? Conventions are what we do and we’re ALWAYS looking for new conventions to fit in our schedule. So if there’s a con you want to see us at that isn’t on our list below, drop us a line and let us know! We do travel nation wide from Hawaii to New York and we pick conventions based on attendance. There are some conventions that are really difficult to get in to or that have rules about selling fan art that prevent us from attending. Want to help us out? Contact your favorite convention and let them know that you’d like to see us as guests! When we do guest appearances we host panels about cosplay and artist alley and set up special events and activities.

4. Is this yaoi? (Or: I SAW YOUR AD ON Y!GALLERY WHERE ALL THE DICKS AT?????) Not in the strictest sense, no, this isn’t a yaoi manga. By which we mean the main focus in this story isn’t about a relationship. It isn’t a romance, it’s a comedy. That aside, you’re reading a comic written by two gay, genderqueer people. So will there be LGBT stuff? Absolutely. Will we have gay characters? Absolutely. Will this be a comic ABOUT being gay/gay romance? No. But give us time to flesh our characters out and for you to get to know them better and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

5. So… will there be dicks? No. This comic is PG-13. Okay, maybe you’ll be a little disappointed.

6. Can I draw/write yaoi/yuri/het of your characters? Go for it. 😀 Fanart and fanfic of any kind are totally welcome. We’ve been yaoi and slash fans ourselves for YEARS and however our readers want to interpret our characters’ relationships is totally fine by us. If you like our comic enough to draw or write about our characters, we’re nothing but flattered no matter how you want to do it! We’d love to display your fan art on our web site, so please send it our way! If you do post your fanwork anywhere, we would ask that you include a link to our site so other people can read the comic.

7. When does Shounen Fight update? We try to update the comic once a week but with traveling to so many conventions, it makes it difficult for us to keep a regular upload day/schedule. To keep up with our updates, you can keep an eye on us via Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or DeviantArt.



Convention Appearances

Find us at these conventions under the company name Scuttlebutt Ink!

December 2014 Webcomics Rampage @ Dragon’s Lair Comics Austin, TX Confirmed 
March 27-29, 2015 Kawaii Kon Honolulu, HI Confirmed 
June 5-7, 2015 Akon Dallas, TX Unconfirmed
July 2-5, 2015 Anime Expo Los Angeles, CA Confirmed
July 9-12, 2015 San Diego Comic Con @ Prism Comics San Diego, CA Confirmed
September 2015 Yaoi Con San Francisco, CA Unconfirmed
November 2015 Gaymer Con San Francisco, CA Unconfirmed