About Us

DustyJack (the mohawk) and JadePrince (the talent) have been a team for over a decade, creating comics and works of fiction.

We recently moved to California’s Gold Country at the foot of the Sierra Nevadas where we enjoy rugged oak forests and mossy creeks. We share our space with two fluffy and adorable pets, the floppy ragdoll cat Taq and the anxious American Eskimo dog Oliver.


What’s up with Shounen Fight!? Oh boy it has been a horribly long time isn’t it? We finished off chapter five years ago and have been fighting and uphill battle with life ever since which has prevented us from moving forward with creating the comic. In the meantime we’ve been struggling with getting together all of the content and rewards for our very-late Kickstarter project to make the print version of MSF’s first volume.

What’s the status of the print trade/Kickstarter rewards? We have almost all the physical Kickstarter rewards in hand (we’re just finishing up the stickers) and are beginning shipping of those. We are waiting for our manufacturer to give us a solid date but with luck we’ll have the books and the Teacup plushes by the end of April.

Is Mahou Shounen Fight going to continue? MSF will eventually continue but at this time we don’t want to commit to a timeline. When we are able to return to continue making MSF, there may be some style changes in the art. As far as the story, the comic is conceived with an ending and is planned as being three volumes of five chapters each which we very much want to complete. We are taking a new approach to our creative process and when MSF comes back, it will have a new release format.

New release format? Instead of running as a page-by-page web comic, in the future Mahou Shounen Fight will be released by the chapter. It will still be available for free on the web site, readable as it is now in web comic style but we’ll only be putting it out when the next chapter, chapter six, is complete. When it comes out it will also be available through Amazon for digital reading and as floppy print comics.

There’s two of you, so who does what on the comic? We created the story together and before we put anything on paper, we talk about the direction we’re going to take it and lay down the main plot points we want to include in a chapter. Then we write a ‘novel’ style version of the chapter together. The novel versions will be available (for chapters after 2) once they’re completed. Dusty uses this to create a script and do rough thumbnails of each page to be used as story boards. JP develops these further and does both the pencil and the ink, then Dusty does the color and the typesetting.

Are you doing conventions anymore? We have more or less retired from the convention scene after twelve years of traveling the anime and comic book world across America. It was an awesome experience for us and we were very lucky to have such a fun, exciting and fulfilling lifestyle. These days we are keeping things more low key in our life and focusing on health issues and catching up on things. We will be going to three conventions in 2016: Kawaii Kon, Anime Expo and San Diego Comic Con.

But what about your badges? We also retired the badges we used to sell at conventions. There are a few fan art items in our store including magnets from some of the badge designs as well as the original inks of some of our work.